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Offline Marketing "Distributing Pamphlets"

MastEvent Team

Since founding of, MastEvent Team is focusing on various ways for online marketing of our product.

Recently we also did offline marketing or offline promotion of

Why We Are Distributing Pamphlets? Importance Of Pamphlet Distribution? Who we are Targeting?

As we know our main targets are college students, young unemployed people as they look for part time jobs for their regular expenses. So we thought why don’t we directly connect to college students. So MastEvent Team came up with "pamphlet distribution" idea in various colleges in Pune. 

We started with Wadia College of Commerce, Pune. Till now we have received average response but we got some really good partners & proposals. Also our product development startegy little changed which we will be explaining in our future blogs.

This was really insightful and eye opening!


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