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MastEvent Business Presentation For Clients & Partners

MastEvent Team

Recently we are focusing a lot on clients and their expectations.

We made business presentation for our clients and partners that why you should choose us for your events and activities and how do we provide quality volunteers.

Below is our slideshare link. Please have a look.

Presentation For Clients and Partners


Below is few snapshots of our presentation:




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Event Market Growth in India

MastEvent Team

There are tons of events happening every year. These events range from

  • Birthday parties to political fundraisers
  • Promoting a product
  • Anniversaries
  • Fashion Shows
  • Product Launch
  • Conferences
  • Graduations and Reunions

These are the few types...there are many more events organised all year. According to "The Wall Street Survey" of 2014, to plan and organise an event from start to finish it takes around 150 hours. It means along with long hours working there is extreme stress. We decided to reduced this stress for organisers with MastEvent.

 Event industry is one of wealthiest and fastest growing industries in the recent times. As it's growing, investment is also increasing. In a survey it was found that event industry expenditure  was $768 millon in year 2013 - 2014. It's expected that in 2015, investment will touch around $966 million which is around 50000 crores in Indian rupees. 

 By participating and observing many events we learnt:

  • It...
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